Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kuantan River

Kuantan river looking east in the morning.
Meandering by the Kuantan (for English, please click on the 'Versi Inggeris' button) town, slow and muddy.

All swampy on the other bank. Peaceful daytime, fishermen using it to move to sea, and to come back with loads of fresh fish.

Dark and mysterious at night where small time hobby anglers cast their lines by the esplanade, few come now during monsoon season but full at mid year season.

Weekend night river tour is available, to see the night illuminated beauty of the town. And twice a day river tour can be made to see the mangroves and activities inside.

Historical but not recorded; the only signs are the old Muslim graveyard by the bank of the river. Hundreds of years probably.

Once a barrier between the affluent town folks and the poor fisherman on the other side, now no more with a brigde across it. (the picture is not very clear but the bridge is there. Al the pictures was taken in the morning, the sun was just peeping out behind the heavy monsoon cloud).

River flowing for years to come, rubbish dump, means of communication, probably one day a beauty to behold. Only time will tell.

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