Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas in Kuala Lumpur

Some scenes worth noting. Just a glimpse of Christmas in Kuala Lumpur.

Extract from:

By Alf McCreary
24 December 2005


'Police guard churches as tension mounts - 59 people arrested, military equipment seized'

"Incidentally, during a stopover in Malaysia, I noticed that the Christmas celebrations were greatly evident - and this in a largely Moslem country - which makes the intolerance of Christmas by our humanists all the more narrow minded."

Santa looks real enough.

Car in the snow?

Pretty Malaysia girls santa.

Large christmas tree in a hotel lounge.

At the hotel receptions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow there is more of a christmassy feeling in malaysia than england. too much political correctness over here the spirit of christmas has gone here in england all people are interested in is comsummerism. Love sofina xxxxxx

9:01 AM  
Blogger mylias said...

thanks Sofina.

Love Abah xxxxxxxxxx

9:48 AM  

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