Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe? Posted by Picasa

When I look at this photo in Yahoo! today, I keep wondering whether these pictures are those of friends of foe. Those in the photo looks to aggressive to be friends. Anf I understand that they are in a foreign land, univited guest - staying there after invading that land. For a good cause they say. But who can really vouch for that - its just who says it and when. And today I read that 2000 of these 'invaders' have been killed. But has anyone kept record of the body count of the local population killed by these 'invaders' directly or indirectly?

And the mosque in the background, loooks intact. I hope it will remain that way untill these 'invaders' leave - if they will ever leave!

Its the fasting month now and as a MuslimI should not be saying all these, I should not even be suspicious of their being there as uninvited 'guest' in that country.

Allahu-akbar! Allahu-akbar! Allahu-akbar!.

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